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2024 Texas ASA Federation Rules

ASA Rules can be found here.

  • All Texas ASA Shooters must complete their scoring round in one day.

  • Shooters are only allowed to let-down TWICE.  If a shooter lets-down a third time, he or she will receive a score of ZERO for that target.

  • A shooter will be immediately disqualified from the competition if they receive coaching during their round.

  • Scorers are allowed to use binoculars and may also reflect or shine a light on the target at the time of scoring to aid in the process.

  • A shooter whose arrow makes contact with an “outside agency” during its flight will be allowed to reshoot that arrow.  Outside agencies are defined as animals, tree limbs or other debris that may FALL or TRAVEL INTO the path of the arrow.  Fixed or stationary impediments such as trees and bush, and any limbs or foliage that were still in contact with stationary impediments are not considered an outside agency.

  • Shooting groups may be assigned randomly, or peer grouped at qualifiers.  This decision is at the discretion of the individual club or state directors. 

  • All shoots awarding a buckle will be peer grouped.

  • Texas ASA will recognize two traditional classes - Traditional 25 and Traditional 30

    •     Shooters may choose 25 or 30 yard max distance.  280 FPS, Unknown

      • Bow must be either recurve or longbow without wheels or cams.  No release aid, no sights, a single stabilizer up to 12” in length measured from the point of attachment, no overdraws, no draw checks, must have one finger touching the arrow nock, and must use one consistent anchor point. Shoot off of the shelf or elevated rest allowed.  No plunger allowed. Bow mounted quivers are allowed.  No marks on the sight window, string, or bow to use as an aiming or judging reference. String silencers or dampeners are allowed. All arrows must be identical in size, weight and construction.

New for 2024


Added classes include - 

  • Men's Hunter 45 (Replacing Men's Pins 45) - A moveable sight may be used without being locked down. Magnification is not permitted. Clarifiers or verifiers in the peep are not considered magnification and are permitted. A front stabilizer or a system including quick releases, enhancers and/or weights may be used, but may not exceed twelve inches (12”) in total length from the tip of the stabilizer/system to the point of attachment on the front of the riser. A single rear stabilizer up to twelve inches (12”) in length (including weights) may be used regardless of the point of attachment to the bow. 

Deleted classes include - 

  • Crossbow 45

  • Women's Known 50

  • Men's Pins 45


NEW for Fixed Pins Classes (Adult and Youth/Kids) -A single rear stabilizer up to twelve inches (12”) in length (including weights) may be used regardless of the point of attachment to the bow. 

Young adult and youth classes are not necessarily based on their actual year of school but based on age as of January 1st of the competition year. (Young Adult - 15-17, Youth - 12-14, Eagle- 9-11, Jr. Eagle - 6-8)

To check your class yardage and speed limits, click here.

ASA Pros are welcome to shoot at all qualifiers for fun and practice for $15.00. We will also recognize pro classes for payback and Shooter of the Year provided that the classes meet the SOY program Guidelines. We will award Pro Class Championship Gist buckles at the Texas ASA state championship. Pros from any state may compete without qualifying. A $30.00 entry fee at state is required to compete for state championship buckle.


Scoring Ring and Speed Limits

Scoring Rings

Each target has two (2) 12-rings. At each target the lower 12-ring will be in play initially for all shooters. At each individual target a shooter may elect to have the upper 12-ring scored by announcing their intention to shoot for it. Upon announcing their election to shoot the upper 12-ring the scorekeepers will acknowledge and note this election, and the lower 12-ring will no longer be in play to be scored for that shooter on that individual target only.  The 14-ring is not in play for any classes during regular ASA competition.

Each class is assigned a speed limit.  To check the speed limit for your shooting class, click here.  Shooters may be required to shoot through the chronograph at qualifier events.  All shooters will shoot through the chronograph at the Western Region Shootout and the State Tournament.  

ASA adheres to a maximum arrow speed in each competition class as measured by the official on-site chronographs with a three percent (3%) margin of error rounded up to the nearest whole number.  Each competitor understands and agrees that they may be required to shoot through the designated on-site chronograph and any arrow shot through the chronograph during or after a tournament round that exceeds the maximum arrow speed for their class will result in the disqualification of that round’s score.

State Directors

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