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2023 Shooter of the Year Program

Current Shooter of the Year Standings

2023 Shooter of the Year Program Guidelines


Provided that the guidelines below are met, Texas ASA will recognize the following classes through the Shooter of the Year Program:

  • Semi Pro

  • Crossbow 45

  • Crossbow 40

  • Men’s Known 50

  • Men’s Known 45

  • Men’s Known 40

  • Men’s Open 45

  • Men’s Open 40

  • Men’s Pins 45

  • Men’s Pins 40

  • Men’s Pins 30

  • Men’s Traditional

  • Senior Known 50

  • Senior Known 45

  • Senior Pins 40

  • Senor Open 

  • Super Senior

  • Super Senior Known

  • Senior Masters

  • Senior Masters Known

  • Senior Women’s Known

  • Women’s Known 50

  • Women’s Known 45

  • Women’s Known 40

  • Women’s Open 45

  • Women’s Open B

  • Women’s Pins 30

  • Women’s Pins 40

  • Women’s Traditional

  • Barebow Recurve

  • Olympic Recurve

  • Young Adult Open Male

  • Young Adult Open Female

  • Young Adult Pins Male 

  • Young Adult Pins Female

  • Young Adult Barebow

  • Young Adult Olympic


There are more than 20 qualifying events on the 2023 schedule and the state director will name those events on the schedule when it is published. Shooters must use their scores from a minimum of  five of those events plus the state tournament in order to qualify for Shooter of the Year.  All qualifying scores must be shot within the state of Texas. 


In order for a shooter to be eligible to be awarded SOY recognition, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The shooter must be a member of ASA.

  2. The shooter must shoot in FIVE or more qualifying events in the SAME class.

  3. All qualifying scores must be shot within the state of Texas.

  4. The shooter must shoot in the state tournament. 


In order for a class to be recognized for SOY, the following conditions must be met:

  1. There must be at least THREE shooters with FIVE or more qualifying scores in the class.

  2. The class must be  listed above.


SOY winners will be calculated using the shooter’s top FIVE scores plus the shooter’s score at the State Tournament.  If the shooter does not participate in the state tournament then he or she is not eligible for the SOY award, however, his or her absence will not affect the award for the class should there be fewer than three shooters at the state tournament.  Should there be a tie between shooters, then the shooter’s cumulative number of 12s from the qualifying events will break the tie.  Should the shooters be tied on both score and number of 12s, then the number of 12s from the 6th highest score will be added to break the tie. 

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